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Treat your health of body, mind, soul at this spa place!

I invite you to visit the spa resort Ocna Şugatag where you can treat degenerative and abarticular rheumatic diseases, peripheral neurological diseases (paresis), or gynecological diseases. The nearby treatment base allows hot baths in bathtubs, electrotherapy, for 42 years and hosts thousands of tourists annually. The treatment base has five pools of saltwater, with water heated to 37 degrees.

The baths famous for treatment at the Ocna Şugatag resort treat degenerative and abarticular rheumatic diseases, peripheral neurological diseases, respectively paresis, sequelae after polyneuropathy, or gynecological diseases. The treatment base in Ocna Şugatag allows hot baths, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, aero-heliotherapy and medical-massage.
For 42 years, Ocna Şugatag has been operating a treatment base that annually hosts thousands of tourists who benefit from the healing effects of saltwater. The treatment base has five saltwater pools, two of which are inside, with water heated to 37 degrees, and three are outside on the pool.
The treatment base at Ocna Şugatag was established in 1972. The saltwater is extracted from a flooded mine from a depth of 200 meters, by pumping and is brought by pipeline to the resort. The saltwater from Ocna Şugatag resort can work wonders, especially if the treatment belts are made with water heated to 37 degrees.
What to visit in Ocna Sugatag?
With pleasure, I recommend you to visit the following tourist objectives in the spa resort Ocna Sugatag:
Wooden Church – One of the most important attractions of the Ocna Sugatag resort is the Wooden Church. Built between 1978-1983, made of spruce and oak wood, in Maramures architectural style, the building is dedicated to “All Saints’ Sunday”. The building works were done by skilled craftsmen from the neighboring village of Breb and other Maramures villages. The painting of the iconostasis carved in oak wood was done by the church painter, Flesaru Pantelimon.
Lake Gavril (30 meters deep, 2.35 hectares, the largest anthro-posaline lake in Romania), which, curiously, keeps on the surface a layer of freshwater where fish live, and “Taul fara Fund” (33 meters deep, the deepest lake here). On the shores of Lake Gavril, near Baile Vechi, the Lacul Sarat Tourist Complex was inaugurated in June 2007, with a terrace-restaurant, saltwater pool, and on the shore of the lake, there was a beach with showers, a pontoon where boats, water bikes and ski jet. ATVs of all sizes for all ages are also rented at the complex.
Another attraction famous for its beauty is the Taul Morenilor. This destination is part of the difficult mountain trails, being marked with the red cross.
The wetland proposed for visiting is hidden in a complex plant association, specific to the intersection of habitats, consisting of black alder, white alder and mountain alder. The lake, formed by a landslide, is declared a protected area and has a maximum depth of 20 m, being fed by a stream with a constant flow.
Wetland plants such as marsh otter, dew (carnivores), pond clover, roaring, have found here favorable conditions for development.
Ocna Sugatag commune organizes every year the “Tanjaua de la Hoteni” country holiday. The event follows the celebration of the first farmer from Hoteni village who plowed, a celebration in which several thousand people from the localities around the commune, from the county as well as from all over the country and abroad participate in the natural setting of Darasca Valley.
Where to live when you arrive in Ocna Sugatag?
I recommend you to live at Craiasa Hotel *** from Ocna Sugatag resort where you can enjoy the following spa treatments: The hotel’s treatment base is designed to treat the following diseases: degenerative rheumatism, abarticular, peripheral neurological and gynecological diseases.
Major procedures: mineral water bathing, hydrotherapy, hydro-kineto-therapy in the pool, massage therapy, galvanic baths, paraffin applications. The treatments are performed under the supervision of the medical staff.
Adjacent procedures: respiratory therapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound, solum, laser, group physiotherapy at the gym.
Leisure / Sports: swimming pool with mineral water (3 pools); sports fields: football, handball and tennis (all with bitumen); sauna with a capacity of 12 people.
For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Ocna Sugatag. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.

Ocna Sugatag
Ocna Sugatag
Ocna Sugatag
Ocna Sugatag
Ocna Sugatag

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