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With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Eforie Nord which is the second-largest tourist resort on the Romanian coast, a resort with a permanent spa. Located east of Lake Techirghiol, a lake known for its healing properties of mud, Eforie Nord resort is located at a distance of about 15 km from the city of Constanta.

The treatment base offered by Eforie Nord resort operates throughout the year and has a well-developed and diversified infrastructure with sports fields, swimming pools, and numerous accommodation possibilities in hotels, pensions and villas.

Treatment of rheumatic, dermatological and bone system diseases through natural healing factors such as seawater or marine climate.

The main healing factors are the marine climate, rich in saline aerosols, the Black Sea water, the saltwater of Lake Techirghiol and the mud that comes from the lake. The resort also has a spa sanatorium – Efosan, a traditional base for treating various ailments through procedures such as baths, aerosols, Techirghiol mud.

The Dobrogea region to which the resort belongs has a rich history, many battles are related to this region. Historical sources speak of the Thracian-Getic and Daco-Roman settlements here, and later, they also mention settlements of Turks and Tartars, which still exist today. The factors that favored the settlement of some peoples on this territory were the proximity to the shores of the Black Sea, the existence of drinking water springs, but also the therapeutic mud.

What to visit in Eforie Nord?

Eforie Nord resort has several beaches: Azur Beach, Belona, ​​Debarcader, La Perla, Steaua de Mare, Vraja Mării, and the leisure possibilities are numerous. Within the resort, tourists can benefit from the following activities:

Water bike rides

Parachute lifts

Table tennis and table tennis




Windsurfing Yachting Scubadiving


Water scooters

Also, tourists can visit:

Lake Belona in the town of Eforie Nord is located right between the Black Sea and Lake Techirghiol. The lake offers an oasis of peace to tourists who want to relax and take refuge in a calm and intimate space. Lake Belona offers tourists an enviable natural setting, being surrounded by green spaces, with a rich ecosystem that has developed continuously over the years.

The Zulfie Totay Tatar Museum is a Tatar house, located near Constanța. Tourists who come here are greeted by Nardin Seidali, a very welcoming Tatar. Guests coming to the museum are greeted with a portion of Turkish shit.

Lake Techirghiol is located on the outskirts of Eforie Nord. Lake water and mud also have a therapeutic effect.

Where to live when you arrive in Eforie Nord?

ACVATONIC MED SPA – Steaua De Mare is a private relaxation and treatment center designed. Here you find well-being, a friendly atmosphere, quality services, places to feel good socializing with friends, designed for relaxation, sports and recovery of the body for a rested and performing mind.

You can enjoy the following services in maximum health safety:

• Recovery area for running against the current with the wave generating machine

• Waterfall type umbrella

• Waterfalls for cervical massage

• Geysers area

• AquaGym area

• Underwater fitness area with bicycles and underwater equipment

For details on prices and services, you can find out here.

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