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Travel safely to this fairytale land!

Sincerely, I invite you to come and see Vulcana-Băi is an enchanting fairytale land, a magical place crowned with a brilliant aura, sprinkled with a voice of harmony and painted with thousands of warm colors. This wonderful land enchants us with thousands of fabulous landscapes, outlined by vivid shades of colors, this is a place that is beautiful in any season.

Here we find the most beautiful hills, the most wonderful forests, the most inviting and gentle flowers, the most wonderful and persevering people. Vulcana-Băi is located on the valley of the Vulcana brook, 20 km north of Târgovişte, in the middle of Muntenia. Vulcana-Băi is a commune that has an area of ​​2815 ha and is composed of three villages, on an area of ​​8 km: Vulcana-Băi, the residence and villages of Nicolaeşti and Vulcana de Sus.

The excavations at Vulcana have highlighted the so-called “salt waters of the deposit”, left from the Miocene era, which has the same value as an indicator of the bottom of the Sarmatian Sea, as well as the fossils of animals. These reservoirs are characterized by a high concentration of sodium chloride and relatively large amounts of iodine and bromine, with great effectiveness for the treatment of chronic diseases.

The first signs of the existence of these mineral water springs from Vulcana can be found in the work of Anatol Demidov from 1837. What to visit in Vulcana-Bai? The most important tourist attractions Bai Volcano Church of St. John the Baptist The church in Vale Wooden church from Mestecan village Bunea Monastery (1654) Mosque Vulcana Bai Gabriel Popescu Museum – Bai Volcano The plains of Muscel Bunea Hermitage Sincana Vulcana Bai Bai Volcano Resort Toculesti leisure area

Where to live when you arrive in Vulcana Bai?

Turist Hotel has its own treatment base, where a wide range of procedures are performed: baths with sulfurous mineral water in pools or bathtubs, aerosols with sulfurous water and medicinal substances, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, reflexology, medical gymnastics, massage and phototherapy.

The treatment can be prophylactic or curative, treating mainly diseases of the musculoskeletal system of rheumatic degenerative, inflammatory and abarticular, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, post-traumatic conditions, rheumatological conditions, respiratory diseases, dermatological diseases, sedentary lifestyle and obesity, osteoporosis. , anti-stress, allergies and other associated conditions.

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Vulcana Băi
Vulcana Bai
Vulcana Bai
Vulcana Bai

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