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Travel safely to this amazing spa place!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Sângeorz-Băi, a small town in Romania located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, which benefits from many natural riches. Many healing springs of mineral water, beautiful landscapes, tourist attractions and welcoming people make Sângeorz a location you can’t miss.

The resort is located in the northeast of Bistrița-Năsăud County, in the well-known land of Dracula, Transylvania. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, the resort benefits from a mountain climate that can be your refuge on hot summer days.

The town of Sângeorz Băi, a spa resort, has been attested since 1245, then with the name of “Sanct Gurgh”, but it first appears as a place where mineral waters heal only in 1770 on the map of the Austrian Empire. In 1876 the resort was named “Hebe” which suggests the properties of mineral waters preserved to this day, those of healing and revitalizing the mind and body.

The mineral waters that the resort has are used for the balneo-climateric treatments that are made at the own modern treatment bases of the Hebe hotel and the Someșul hotel. Hebe Hotel has 3 balneophy-siotherapy sections: hydrotherapy, thermotherapy and electrotherapy. Under the guidance of specialized staff, at the treatment base of Someșul Hotel, complex procedures can be performed for the treatment of various diseases such as digestive tract diseases, hepato-biliary diseases, metabolic and nutritional diseases, associated diseases.

What to visit in Sangeorz Bai?
In the area of ​​the resort, there are many cultural, natural and relaxing tourist attractions. You can choose between visiting museums such as: Museum of Comparative Art, Liviu Rebreanu Memorial House or George Coșbuc, also Cheilor Waterfall, Lala Lake and Rodna Mountains National Park. Not to be missed if you are a lover of natural landscapes. The Artistic Village Dosul Gârciului combines relaxation and tranquility with artistic creations and amazing landscapes.

Where to live when you arrive in Sangeorz Bai?
I highly recommend Hebe Hotel which is located opposite the resort park and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lots of nature and you can enjoy the services of the 3 balneophy-siotherapy sections being the following: hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy. Each section has specific salons or procedures for the cause and effect of the treatment.

For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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