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Thermal water is used for baths at Moneasa

I invite you to visit the Moneasa resort which is a balneo-climatic resort, recognized in the area, in Arad and not only, for its healing springs, being recommended for various ailments, especially for the nervous system. Thermal water is also used for baths with a kinetic therapeutic role. The springs provide water for treatment with a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius.

Traces of houses dating from the Paleolithic era have been discovered near the Moneasa resort.
In the area, there are several accommodation units, the resort being frequented especially in summer. At Moneasa resort there are not only thermal baths but also fruit orchards, which you can buy from local people. There are cottages and farmhouses with modern equipment for any season, whether it’s winter and you need a hot drink or summer when you need to cool off, and positioned in places with beautiful views, which have all the necessary utilities for comfortable seating.
The area is ideal for peace and relaxation. There are several types of restaurants, including vegan restaurants where you can find food based on healthy or organic ingredients.
You can easily visit cities like Timisoara, Deva, Arad.
Monesa’s climate is mild due to the shelter offered by the surrounding peaks. Very often in the winter season, the phenomenon of temperature inversion takes place. These inventions do not produce too much frost, which explains the existence of the edible chestnut as well as the surrounding wild bat. The spectacular peaks of the Codru-Moma Massif in the Apuseni chain, consisting mostly of limestone rocks and elevated at altitudes not usually exceeding 1000 m, sometimes bare, shining in the sun and contrasting with the green of the forests, bring to the settlement an extra beauty and attractiveness.
What to visit in Moneasa?
I recommend you to visit the following tourist objectives where you will enjoy extraordinary landscapes:
The “Hoanca Coului” and “Izoi” Cave Complex is located right in the resort town, in the Codru-Moma Mountains. The Codru-Moma massif is a mountain group of the Apuseni Mountains that belong to the Western chain. In these caves were discovered flint tools and bones of Ursus Spaeleus, ceramic fragments of the Coţofeni culture, a culture dating back to the Bronze Age.
The Crystal Cave is unique in the world, with black limestone rocks. The cave is located very close to Monesa, being located on the Vascau karst plateau. The geological and scientific value of the cave is one of real interest. Here, traces of the cave or cave bear were discovered, a rare species of bear, widespread in Europe during the Pleistocene.
The water lily reserve in Moneasare is one of the most frequented places in summer, tourists having the opportunity to go boating on the lake with thermal water lilies.
Another nearby tourist attraction is in Arad, about 70 km away. distance. The Red Church in Arad belongs to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church and its name comes from the color of the exterior walls, made of polished brick. The construction of the church began in 1905, the architecture is neo-Gothic and has a 45 m high tower.
If you still arrived in Arad, the Arad Fortress is another tourist attraction not to be missed. During the Austro-Hungarian rule, the building served as a military prison. The fortress was built between 1763 and 1783, during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, and has a star shape with 6 corners.
Where to live when you arrive in Moneasa?
I also recommend you to live at the Parc *** Hotel which is located in the center of Moneasa resort, in an oasis of greenery crossed by the waters of the Bailor stream, a pride of the resort in terms of exterior and interior aesthetics.
The treatment base of the Parc Hotel *** Moneasa, offers a series of spa procedures at unbeatable prices.
Procedures: short waves; dia-dynamic currents; ionization; cross current; electrostimulation; electro-spastic; interference current, laser therapy; ultrasound therapy; magneto-diaflux; galvanic baths; bubble baths; paraffin; massage; aerosol; physiotherapy and others.
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If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Moneasa. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.

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