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Hello, I invite you for a virtual trip to the Calimanesti-Caciulata resort, which is a long-lived existence, signaled by the treasure of Dacian coins and the castles of Jiblea and Arutela. During the embrace of Hadrian (117 – 138 AD), the Bivolar waters granted functions of Romanians and the population if arutela.At the end of the article you will find many pictures or other surprises that will delight your soul and will produce you in a memorable virtual trip.

Unlike other villages, Calimanesti village was free of taxes and other work. But these rights are violated by Radu II (1421) and later by all the rulers until Radu Mihnea (1611), which obliges the inhabitants of Călimanesti to take care of the road until the Cozia monastery.
In 1646, the inhabitants of the village rebelled to gain their freedom, but the intervention of the monastery and the royal troops led to the servitude of the village.
In 1873, the mineral waters from Călimanesti are medaled at the Vienna Exhibition, and in 1893 they receive the “Grand Prix” diploma and the gold medal at the International Food and Mineral Water Exhibition in Brussels. The first pavilions for mineral water treatment date from 1910.
What to visit in Calimanesti-Caciulata?
Cozia massif and Stanisoara monastery
If you choose to continue the road on the left bank of the Olt, after another 4 km (there is a rail link to the Turnu station), on a fairly narrow road, you will reach the Stanisoara monastery, located at the foot of the Cozia massif.
The monastery is several hundred years old (it is not known exactly how many) but the present form has it since the beginning of the century. XX when the old wooden building was replaced with one of stone.
Numerous legends circulate about the Cozia massif, some of them even claiming to be the famous holy mountain of the Getae, Kogaionon. No matter what the historical truth is, the mountain is full of grandeur, forests and fresh air.
Other tourist objectives are: the accumulation lake of the Turnu hydroelectric plant, the accumulation lake in Calimanesti, with the island in the middle and the monastery in the middle of the island (Ostrov monastery), the Urzicii waterfall, Lotrisor waterfall, Cornetu monastery, and others.
Turnu monastery and the Romanian fort
Two kilometers upstream, but this time on the left bank of the Olt, we find the Turnu monastery, founded in sec. XV-XVI by several monks from Cozia who retired here.
The name of the monastery comes from the ruins of the Roman settlement Arutela, which is not far from this place. The camp was built by the Romanians a few years after the conquest of Dacia and was intended to protect the road from the Olt Valley.
The historical monument has been partially rebuilt in recent years, the main gate recapturing its appearance almost 2,000 years ago, giving the tourist a return to the Romanian Dacia era, the only one of its kind in Romania, at least until today.
Where to live when you get to Călimanesti-Căciulata?
I recommend staying at the Hotel Traian*** which has its treatment base and indoor pool, restaurant, confectionery, day bar, elevator, conference room, sauna, massage, parking, safe deposit box at the reception, medical center and laundry service.
Here you have the following services:
hammam sauna; Finnish sauna; chromotherapy and aromatherapy sauna; whirlpool; saline with Himalayan and Praid salt; ice fountain.
For more details on SPA prices and services you can find here.
If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Călimănești-Căciulata . Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.

Cascada Lotrisor
Stațiunea Calimănești-Căciulata
Castrul Roman de la Arutela
Mânăstirea Cozia
Pensiunea Casuța cu Izvor
Parc Balnear
Complex balnear Cozia

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