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Take time for you at this spa place!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Baile Boghis Resort which is one of the permanent spas, preferred by many tourists.
The treatment base of Baile Boghis resort consists of a waiting room with reception, three medical offices with rooms for physiotherapy, physiotherapy and reflexology massage, room with spa pool, room with a hydro-kinetotherapy pool, room with two valves for hydrotherapy, a point of care and first aid.

The thermal water resort Baile Boghis offers its clients the following programs and procedures for recovery and maintenance of body health: initial consultation, control consultation, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, phytotherapy, balneotherapy, massage therapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, intravenous medical assistance / first aid of drugs.

Due to the thermal water qualities, Baile Boghis is indicated for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • chronic degenerative rheumatism – cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis and polyarthrosis,
  • rheumatic abarticular – tendomyosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis,
  • peripheral neurological – mild paresis and minor sequelae after polio,
  • post traumatic – post traumatic joint stiffness, states after operations on muscles, joints and bones, states after sprains, dislocations and fractures,
  • gynecological – ovarian failure, chronic cervicitis,
  • diseases of nutrition and metabolism, dermatological.
    Boghis thermal baths, is a permanent thermal resort, an oasis of recovery away from daily stress, is fed by 3 boreholes with cold water (drinking) and 3 boreholes with sulfurous mineral water, sodium, bicarbonate and thermal at a temperature of +42 degrees Celsius, used to treat locomotor deficiencies, peripheral nervous system, osteoarthritis, polyarthrosis and gynecological diseases, gallstones and kidney stones or simply for relaxation or fun.
    What to visit in Baile Boghis?
    In the northern part of the village, there is the tourist resort Baile Boghis which is a tourist attraction due to the thermal water that has therapeutic effects.

  • I highly recommend you to visit safely in the pandemic period the following tourist attractions in Baile Boghis and nearby:
    Banffy Castle
    Baile Mesesenii de Jos
    Iuliu Maniu Memorial House from Badacin
    Bathory Fortress (ruins)
    Lake Warsaw
    Holy Trinity Monastery from Bic
    Meseni Mountains
    Museum of Ethnography
    Mesesenii de Jos
    Bonanza horse stud
    Tusa-Bacau landscape reservation
    Where to live when you arrive in Baile Boghis?
    I recommend you to live at Casa Renata pension, which offers a garden with terrace and bar.
    For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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    If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Băile Balvanyos. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.
Baile Boghis

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