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Take care of you at Sovata and enjoy the SPA!

Shortly after the formation of Lake Bear, the most important lake of the five salt water lakes existing in the current Sovata resort – Aluniș, Red and Green, Black Lake and Lake Blackbird – people realized that the lake is special to the other, not so much in size, but especially in the water temperature.

The Sovata town is renowned for Lake Bear with balneoclimatear properties since the Middle Ages. Lake Bear is named after its shape that appeared in 1875, the water is salty and it is surrounded by a natural reserve of which only the lake on 4 hectares. Lake Bear appeared due to the collapse of a large area of salt exploitation, forming a void that was filled with the water of nearby springs.

I would like to present you the most important benefits of Lake Bear, some, on our health that; with what helps us salty water and its sludge I say to you below:

  • Regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect in the locomotor system, so pains are diminished, increases muscle flexibility and joint mobility.
  • It is recognized for the treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • Also treats affections like psoriasis.
  • Salt water is also used as aerosols for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases
  • The sapropelic sludge extracted from Lake Bear has high quality properties
  • Mud treatment ensures rejuvenation and regeneration
  • Sludge increases articular mobility
  • Mud heat helps relax tension and muscle contractions.

What to visit in Sovata?
I recommend you the market with traditional objectives, where you will find the most special souvenirs you can buy to give to your loved ones or even for you and your family. Sovata is a wonderful place of fairy tale. From traditional watermelons to traditional, wooden objects, souvenirs, pottery and handmade ornaments, the traditional Sovata market enjoys the eye and the heart. Little, chic, full of life and charm, of rare riches, this magical place will delight you and conquer you with its beauty.
I highly recommend you to ride the train through the resort, the little ones may be most happy with such an adventure. The conductors are cheerful and friendly, and for the joy of the little ones, they often train in funny moments (music, horns and greetings to all street people).
If you want a longer route than the resort train, we recommend you try Mocănița too. Recently rehabilitated, the Mocănița with steam resumed the Sovata – Câmpu Cetății route. The nearly two-hour steam train journey offers the tourist a return in the past and a magical adventure, as if it were a fairy tale.
Also, it would be a great sight to visit the Salt Mountain. In the summer, the sun’s rays make the mountain shine like a huge crystal worth admiring. Its greatness and the benefits it brings to our health in various treatments tell you that it is a richness of nature that is worthwhile taking advantage of it when we talk about health.

Where do I recommend staying when you arrive in Sovata?
Sincerely, I think Danubius Heath Spa Resort Sovata **** is great for you, your family and friends. Here you have everything you need to feel relaxed, spoiled, and of course for the treatment of some body affections. In order to better understand what a spoil this is, let me introduce you to the spa and wellness treatments and spa offers of this Resort.
Wellness Treatments of this Spa Resort are:
Wellness baths, of which you can choose the following:
Revitalizing Aroma Bath, Cleopatra Bath, Dead Sea Salt Bath, Stress Relief Hévíz Mud Bath, Bitter and Sweet Beer Bath, Vanilla Cream Bath, Blue Frank Bath, Relaxing Aroma Bath, Wine Bubble Bath, Alkaline Bath, Aroma Bath for Couples, Red Wine Bath With Anti – Cellulite Effect, Aroma Bath with Lavender, Thermal Bath with Salt

Wellness massages, of which you can choose the following:
Thai Massage, Relaxation Massage, Rejuvenating Aromatic Massage, Relaxing Aromatic Massage, Traditional Dry Brush Massage, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Dead Sea Salt Massage, etc.

Further relaxation treatments, of which you can choose the following:
Wellness Mud Pack, Aphrodite Pack, Green Clay Pack, Body Scrub with Salt and Fruit Brandy and Alkaline Bath, Mud Pack from the Dead Sea, Vitasalin, etc.

Wellness & SPA Offer for you, your family and friends I present you the following: Wellness Relax in Healing Nature refers to time to relax in our spa: swimming pools, salt-water pool, kid’s pool, saunas, steam bath, adventure bath, Kneipp bath, relaxation room, 24 hour fitness room, free Spa access before check in upon actual availability.
Medical SPA treatments of this Spa Resort are:

  • Thermal mineral water
  • Mineral water and natural gas
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Inhalation
  • Packs

More details and prices to Spa and Wellness treatments you find here. If this information was valuable and helpful, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you would go there and I appreciate from you to know your travel experience to Sovata. Also, is always friendly and nice to share the news or information you discovered everyday.

Take care of you!

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85 thoughts on “Take care of you at Sovata and enjoy the SPA!

  1. I have never been to Romania. Sovata seems to have a lot to offer besides the spa, it is going on my bucket list!

  2. I have to say I hadn’t heard about Sovata until I came across your guide and after reading it, I would love to visit this place. Visiting the traditional Sovata market and riding the resort train sound like so much fun. Thanks for sharing all the details.

      1. Bună dimineața, Annemarie ! 🙂
        Mi-a PLĂCUT răspunsul !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Felicitări pentru postare ! 🙂
        iar ROMÂNII sunt MINUNAȚI 🙂 🙂 🙂
        idiferent UNDE și CUM TRĂIESC !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Toate cele bune ! 🙂
        Alioșa ! 🙂

      2. Bună dimineața! Mulțumesc, asa este! România este frumoasa! Te invit sa vizitezi locurile despre care am vorbit in cele 2 articole, daca nu le-ai vizitat deja si sa imi urmaresti blogul pentru mai multe locatii frumoase din România! 🙂👍

    1. ” Icre” , după modul de exprimare, se înțelege că NU ești român ? 😦
      Sau greșește cititorul ? 😦
      – Cum adică ” trăiește în SAC” ??? 🙂 😦 🙂

  3. O intiativa laudabila pentru promovarea Romaniei.
    Greu, dar laudabil.
    Imposibil, insa numarul nostru, al celor care scriu despre tara noastra, poate reduce acest imposibil.
    Multa bafta! Poteci Insorite te sustine! 🙂

      1. Mulțumesc mult! Scopul meu principal este ca acest blog sa încânte strainii sa vina in România, pentru a creste turismul, iar romanii iubitori de călătorii si viata frumoasa trăită la maxim sa ne bucuram de asemenea si sa il susținem. Zi minunata! ❤️

      2. Ne-am imaginat, dar sunt foarte multi români care nu isi cunosc frumusețile tării. Multi neavând posibilitatea sa călătorească sau pur si simplu nu sunt informati.

      1. Mă bucur că arată mult mai bine Sovata acum și vă mulțumesc pentru invitația de a veni din nou s-o revăd, numai că eu nu mai arăt atât de bine ca în tinerețe: Toate cele bune!

  4. I love natural spas! Sovata looks like a unique experience to have. Are the pools different temperatures?

  5. Very cool! Even the scenery calms you down. What more if you enjoy a spa with this scenery right before you! Whenever we finish climbing a mountain or rock climbing, we always savor a good pampering of our bodies.

  6. A spa is always a good idea! This post definitely makes me want some self care time.

  7. I don’t think I’d mind, at all, visiting Romania someday. I’ve known quite a few Romanians here in California, USA. All are such nice people and particularly straight forward (honest and do things in the best way and spirit). Your town looks absolutely amazing!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your world.!!!

    1. Welcome! Very happy for you kind words and I invite you and your family and friends and to visit my country Romania and these wonderful cities I show you here, you’ll have an amazing experience to tell your loved ones. Take care of you! Have a nice day!🙂

      1. Just be sure you take care of YOU! Your countries hospitality is known to me by the people I see here that are from Romania. Thanks so much, and I will pass it along.

  8. I’ve been to Romania as a student and i liked it so much that I’m planning on revisiting this beautiful country. Every time I travel I’m doing my best to see and experience the most of the place I’m visitig, but I just thought maybe sometimes I should slow down and relax a bit and Sovata’s SPA seems to be a great place to take a deep breath. Thank you so much for recommendation, I’m definitelly going to try it next time I go to Romania 🙂

  9. This sounds like such a fun spot for a relaxing day. I’ll be near this area in November for a blogging conference, so I really hope I get the chance to visit here.

  10. Sovata sounds like some place I would really love to spend a weekend at. I love spa and I think I would love to take the Dead Sea salt Spa in there. Also the benefits of the Lake Bear water seems really interesting, I will definitely have there when I am in Romania.

  11. This looks like a great place to visit. So many good spa options!

  12. Am petrecut un sejur de doua saptamâni la Sovata în anul 2001. Au fost momente de vis, zile de autentic paradis, amintiri inedite, pastrate în suflet pentru eternitate, mai cu seama ca fiul meu de 9 luni, atunci facea primii pasi independent. 🙂
    Frumoasa tara si magnifice locuri sunt în România, însa românii nu ar trebui sa permita strainilor iresponsabili sa-i jefuiasca bogatiile naturale, pure, desavârsite date de Dumnezeu spre îngrijire, pazire si pastrare, poporului român pentru veci de veci, din generatie în generatie.
    O duminica binecuvântata, Suflet frumos !

  13. Interesting to read about all the health benefits of the Bear Lake but I would have loved to see some more pictures! The mud treatment sounds like something I would like to do and so happy to read that it can treat infections and diseases such as treats affections like psoriasis.

  14. Amazing how good some sludge can be for you. After I visited the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and put the white mud on my skin it was soft for weeks! The Sovata resort looks incredible too.

  15. It is wonderful to learn about the Bear Lake and its many medicinal properties. How wonderful to just go there and relax with one of those massages! I would love to visit the traditional market of Sovata as well and buy some wooden handicraft.

  16. I can’t believe the sludge and water of Lake Bear has so many health benefits! The brandy and Alkaline bath sounds divine too.

  17. I can’t believe the sludge and water of Lake Bear has so many health benefits! The brandy and Alkaline bath sounds divine especially paired with the Aphrodite pack. I could definitely use this relaxation pack!

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