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Take a relaxing bath at this safe place!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Baile Olanesti which occupies first place among the spas in Romania in terms of the number of springs, their total daily flow, as well as the variety of composition and concentration of mineral waters.

Baile Olanesti has a relaxing natural setting as well as multiple possibilities for capitalization in tourism, hiking, visiting hermitages and monasteries-places of culture, civilization and resistance to stepsons of any kind Horezu, Pahomnie Hermitage, Iezar Hermitage, Church in wood etc.

The town has a modern bathroom, by exploiting 30 mineral glasses of water, such as chlorosodium, iodide, chlorosodium-ferruginous waters, alkaline sulfides, famous for their therapeutic effects in the treatment of kidney disease, stomach, gallbladder diseases and diabetes.

Internationally, the mineral waters are comparable to the waters of Vichy, Ems, Bourboule.
The Olanesti spa treatment is divided into crenotherapy (mineral water treatment) and auxiliary treatment (hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, aerotherapy).

In the internal cure, the method of administering 6 water intakes per day was generalized, as much as possible directly from the source (the bins arranged in the resort), because the hypotonic and isotonic waters lose their stability in contact with air, changes both its appearance and pharmacodynamic actions in a few hours. This is why these waters are not bottled and not marketed.

Some waters need to be heated to certain temperatures before administration. In large hotels, there are mineral water bars supplied at fixed times 6 times a day.

What to visit in Olanesti?
Baile Olanesti sights
Hiking in the Olanesti area
Anton Pann Memorial House
Frasina Monastery
Buila Vanturarita National Park
Cave of St. Gregory the Decapolis
Trovantilor Museum Reservation
Radita Reservation from Capatanii Mountains
Monastic Tourism: Horea’s Church

Due to the balneo resort and the spectacular mountain setting, Olanestiul is one of the full-season tourist resorts, even if the peaks are registered in the summer and the winter.

Where to live when you arrive in Baile Olanesti?
I highly recommend Hotel Olanesti Spa Medical and you can enjoy the following spa services that within the Treatment Base, you can benefit from Sulfur mineral water therapy , wave therapy shock, the revolutionary technology that uses the high-intensity electromagnetic field and pneumatic pressure therapy.

For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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