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Take a relax bath at this spa place!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Dănești which is a locality in Maramureș County, Transylvania, Romania. It is known due to the healing qualities of sulfurous waters that can be used in the treatment of diseases such as gynecological diseases, diseases of the respiratory system and treatments of the peripheral nervous system.

Danesti is the traditional center of black folk pottery in the area, also known for the various folk handicraft fabrics and textiles such as wool. After the cessation of pottery in Madaras, Danesti had become the center of pottery in Ciucul de Sus. In Danesti there are vessels made of both black ceramic and terracotta.

The black ceramic objects made here brought fame to the commune. These are processed from clay extracted in the eastern part of the village, as well as those made of terracotta, with the difference that those made of terracotta require processing in an open oven, and those in black ceramics with a closed oven, the smoke is the one that gives the dishes color. black.

What to visit in Baile Dănești?
The most important Danish sights
Baile Dugas
Roman Catholic Church
Danesti village museum collection

Where to live when you arrive in Baile Danesti?
I warmly recommend the Secret Garden Hotel which is the special place chosen for: family relaxation, various parties, business meetings, team buildings, protocol activities, spa.

The hotel’s wellness & spa services are suitable for family and friends, so you can enjoy them safely during the pandemic, as they are:

  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor pool
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Cosmetics, hairdresser, hairdresser
  • Sports and fitness
  • Sauna
    For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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