Go to Călacea for a very relaxed bath!

I warmly invite you to visit Baile Calacea which covers an area of ​​about 15 hectares, of which the park occupies no less than 14 hectares, here is an acacia forest and a lake with white water lilies and wild ducks, as well as a park with secular trees. The lake with water lilies coversContinue reading “Go to Călacea for a very relaxed bath!”

Here at Pucioasa, balneo and spa are the perfect choice for your relaxation day!

I warmly invite you to discover the miraculous powers of the water in the Pucioasa resort, which stands out for the richness that its hills shelter; respectively sources of curative water of sulfur and iodine, a wealth that determined its inclusion among the spas.

Get inspired for your new travel!

I invite you to be inspired for your new trip, telling you about the Techirghiol resort which is located 16 kilometers south of Constanta, near the Eforie Nord resort, on the shore of the lake of the same name. Techirghiol is one of the nationally and internationally renowned spas, due to the healing properties ofContinue reading “Get inspired for your new travel!”

Rejuvenate your body with these miracles waters

Slănic-Moldova is a resort with a temperate temperature, with very high cleanliness, famous for selling healing mineral springs, then it can be displayed by confirming its prince after a number of international media.This resort is baptized: “Perla Moldovei”, skeletons are arranged so that the natural mofetil gas can be used for therapeutic purposes at springsContinue reading “Rejuvenate your body with these miracles waters”


Kindly, I present to you Băile Felix which is known for the great advantages it brings to the health of any person and for the long-term effects it offers. Băile Felix resort is located in Bihor county, about 9 km from the city of Oradea, this resort is very easy to access, and the locationContinue reading “OASIS OF RELAXATION AND HEALTH AT BĂILE FELIX, COME AND ENJOY THEM!”

Keep it relax and go to spa at Târgu Mureș!

At this wonderful spa destination you will receive a lot of delights, fun, and happiness. Take care of you!

Take care of you at Sovata and enjoy the SPA!

The largest heliotherm lake in Europe is exactly what you are looking for your health of body, mind and soul. Take care of you!

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