Experience these miracle waters of Ocna Sibiului!

With pleasure, I invite you to visit the spa resort Ocna Sibiului, which is the number one attraction of the resort is represented by the 52 lakes with special healing qualities. Water and mud are used in rheumatic, neuromotor and gynecological treatments.

Go to Călacea for a very relaxed bath!

I warmly invite you to visit Baile Calacea which covers an area of ​​about 15 hectares, of which the park occupies no less than 14 hectares, here is an acacia forest and a lake with white water lilies and wild ducks, as well as a park with secular trees. The lake with water lilies coversContinue reading “Go to Călacea for a very relaxed bath!”

Thermal water is used for baths at Moneasa

I invite you to visit the Moneasa resort which is a balneo-climatic resort, recognized in the area, in Arad and not only, for its healing springs, being recommended for various ailments, especially for the nervous system. Thermal water is also used for baths with a kinetic therapeutic role. The springs provide water for treatment withContinue reading “Thermal water is used for baths at Moneasa”

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