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Excape from your routine and travel to this spa city!

I invite you to visit the Turda Salt Bath Spa, which took shape only in the interwar period due to the discovery of the therapeutic properties of these salt waters by Dr. Jozef Hanko and the pharmacist Velitis.

Travel to sea and relax safely at spa!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Eforie Nord which is the second-largest tourist resort on the Romanian coast, a resort with a permanent spa. Located east of Lake Techirghiol, a lake known for its healing properties of mud, Eforie Nord resort is located at a distance of about 15 km from theContinue reading “Travel to sea and relax safely at spa!”

Relax safely at Buziaș!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Buziaș, which is the only spa resort of national interest in the west of the country, with a cardiovascular therapeutic profile, using natural cure factors in the treatment procedures, namely:

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