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Cojocna Baths are doing very good to your health!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see the Baths Cojocna resort which is located near the Valea Sărată brook. There have been salt mines in the area since the Roman occupation, on the site of which several hot baths were arranged.

Treat your health of body, mind, soul at this spa place!

I invite you to visit the spa resort Ocna Şugatag where you can treat degenerative and abarticular rheumatic diseases, peripheral neurological diseases (paresis), or gynecological diseases. The nearby treatment base allows hot baths in bathtubs, electrotherapy, for 42 years and hosts thousands of tourists annually. The treatment base has five pools of saltwater, with waterContinue reading “Treat your health of body, mind, soul at this spa place!”

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