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Travel safely to this fairytale land!

Sincerely, I invite you to come and see Vulcana-Băi is an enchanting fairytale land, a magical place crowned with a brilliant aura, sprinkled with a voice of harmony and painted with thousands of warm colors. This wonderful land enchants us with thousands of fabulous landscapes, outlined by vivid shades of colors, this is a placeContinue reading “Travel safely to this fairytale land!”

Take few hours of your time to relax here!

I invite you to come and see being part of the region known generically as the Szekler Land, Homorod Baths which has a high tourist potential, both by the picturesque landscapes that surround it and by the specifics of human communities in this region.

Take time for you at this spa place!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Baile Boghis Resort which is one of the permanent spas, preferred by many tourists.The treatment base of Baile Boghis resort consists of a waiting room with reception, three medical offices with rooms for physiotherapy, physiotherapy and reflexology massage, room with spa pool, room with a hydro-kinetotherapyContinue reading “Take time for you at this spa place!”

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