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See safely ideas to travel and enjoy spa!

With pleasure, I invite you to get to see Saturn which is the resort located in the immediate vicinity of Mangalia, to which it belongs from an administrative point of view. The resort of Saturn attracts several advantages that it offers to its tourists.

A very nice idea to travel safely!

I invite you to come and see the Neptun Resort which is located in Constanța County, on the Black Sea coast at an altitude in a relatively rich area of ​​vegetation (Comorova forest with many southern species), being considered a true seaside garden Romanian.

Enjoy all the amazing places from this city, safely!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Mangalia, a city in continuous development, which in recent decades has successfully acquired the attribute of a spa resort. The sulfurous mesothermal springs from Mangalia are capitalized in the treatment bases with recognized results in the amelioration of the diseases of the skeletal system and theContinue reading “Enjoy all the amazing places from this city, safely!”

Get inspired for your new travel!

I invite you to be inspired for your new trip, telling you about the Techirghiol resort which is located 16 kilometers south of Constanta, near the Eforie Nord resort, on the shore of the lake of the same name. Techirghiol is one of the nationally and internationally renowned spas, due to the healing properties ofContinue reading “Get inspired for your new travel!”

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