Take a relaxing bath at this safe place!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Baile Olanesti which occupies first place among the spas in Romania in terms of the number of springs, their total daily flow, as well as the variety of composition and concentration of mineral waters.

Here at Pucioasa, balneo and spa are the perfect choice for your relaxation day!

I warmly invite you to discover the miraculous powers of the water in the Pucioasa resort, which stands out for the richness that its hills shelter; respectively sources of curative water of sulfur and iodine, a wealth that determined its inclusion among the spas.

Mineral waters of Bazna and spa places are awesome to enjoy them!

I invite you to enjoy the wonderful places at Bazna resort and the spa treatments it has. The premises for the establishment of the Bazna resort start as early as 1671, when some shepherds, lighting a fire to heat themselves, discovered, without their will, the natural gas field from Bazna. Through this, as well asContinue reading “Mineral waters of Bazna and spa places are awesome to enjoy them!”

Visit the amazing Clocota waterfall and enjoy the spa!

We kindly invite you for a visit to the spa resort Geoagiu Băi located 46 km northeast of Deva, in a hilly area, at an altitude of 350 m, located in the depression at the SE foot of the Ore Mountains, the confluence of the river Geoagiu with Mureș.The Geoagiu Băi were known as “ThermaeContinue reading “Visit the amazing Clocota waterfall and enjoy the spa!”

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