Thermal water is used for baths at Moneasa

I invite you to visit the Moneasa resort which is a balneo-climatic resort, recognized in the area, in Arad and not only, for its healing springs, being recommended for various ailments, especially for the nervous system. Thermal water is also used for baths with a kinetic therapeutic role. The springs provide water for treatment withContinue reading “Thermal water is used for baths at Moneasa”

Visit the only lake in the world that changes the colour!

I gladly invite you to visit Blue Lake, which is the only lake in the world that changes colour depending on the light. It was formed by the collapse of a mining gallery on Miss Reef in the years 1919 – 1920.The color of the water is what gives the lake its uniqueness: bluish-green, sometimesContinue reading “Visit the only lake in the world that changes the colour!”

Beautiful and unique lake to visit!

Sincerely, I invite you to come and see Lake Scropoasa. Scropoasa Lake is an artificial dam lake built-in 1929 for hydropower purposes, located at almost 1200 meters altitude, with an area of ​​5.7 hectares.Scropoasa Lake supplies the Dobreşti hydroelectric power plant, one of the oldest in Romania, built-in 1936. The Scropoasa Dam is 27 metersContinue reading “Beautiful and unique lake to visit!”

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