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With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Mădăras Commune which is located in the southeast of Bihor County, at a distance of 37 km from Oradea Municipality and 5 km from Salonta, the border with Hungary. the Oprei stream and the collector channel between Crișul Repede and Crișul Negru.

The plain is fragmented by a series of negative forms represented by valleys called by the locals “corhana”, “valleys” or “velj”. This plain represents from a geological point of view, the bottom of the Pannonian lake, filled at the beginning of the Quaternary with different alluvium.

All these alluviums gave rise to vast fields. The fields are furrowed by valleys such as “Veljul Mare”, “Veljul Negreștilor” (Ianoșda), Valea Oprea (Homorog), Valea Corhana (Mădăras).
Mădăras Thermal Pool is the main tourist attraction of the commune. The healing properties of the thermal waters found in the area attract many tourists annually both from the country and from abroad.

Also in Mădăras, those who want to discover a part of the Slovak tradition can visit UDSCR Mădăras Bihor, where there is a small “museum” with objects and the Slovak folk costume, the way houses were arranged in ancient times, icons.

What to visit in Baile Mădăras?
The most important tourist attractions Harghita Madaras
Harghita Madaras water mill
Mount Harghita
Harghita Madaras Village Museum
Harghita Madaras ski slope
Pastravaria Harghita Madaras
Harghita Madaras Resort
Harghita-Madaras Peak (1,801 m)
Archaeological excavations made overtime on the territory of the village bring material evidence of human existence in these lands since ancient times, so in the southeastern part of the town were discovered fragments of Dacian vessels (from the I centuries Hr. And I d.Hr.), soldering and pieces of iron slag (Periegheza P. Janos, V. Crisan, I. Ferenczi).

Where to live when you arrive in Baile Mădăras?
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Baile Mădăras
Baile Mădăras
Baile Mădăras
Baile Mădăras

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