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Red Lake is a resort located at an altitude of 980 m, near the Bicaz Gorges. The resort took its name from the lake of the same name that was formed in 1837 following the collapse of a portion of Mount Ghilcoş. Then the lake appeared, and on its surface, you can still see the trunks of fir trees coming out of the water. It should be noted that Red Lake is the only natural dam lake in Romania.

Lacul Rosu Resort is a climatic and leisure resort, located at the foot of the Suhard Mountains and on the shores of Red Lake and belongs to Harghita County. It has a mountainous climate, with cool summers and cold winters, but also a tonic-stimulating bioclimate on the body that promotes rest and treatment of asthenic neuroses, helps to recover from physical and intellectual overwork. Within the resort, there are numerous accommodation possibilities both for the winter season and for the other seasons.

The Red Lake Resort offers the possibility to carry out a variety of activities, which can be practiced in addition to rest and treatment. For hiking enthusiasts, the resort offers the following itineraries: Red Lake Circuit, Bicaz Gorges on DN 12C, Suhardu Mic Peak, Suhardu Mare Peak and Ucigasu Peak. For ski lovers, here are ski slopes of very good quality and have a length of over 2 km. Other recreational activities are boating, mountaineering and fishing.

What to visit in Red Lake?
Lacu Rosu – Bicaz Gorges is one of the most complex nature reserves in Romania.
The most important tourist attractions Lacu Rosu
Bicaz Gorges Red Lake
Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas National Park
Altar Stone
Red Lake Resort
Tourist routes
Lake Desag
Tourist routes in the National Park
Bicazului-Hasmas Gorges
Tourist routes
Sicas step
Tourist routes Valea Stramba

Where to live when you arrive in Red Lake?
I highly recommend Hotel Lacul Rosu which is the ideal place for family relaxation, various parties, business meetings, team buildings, special events, spa.
For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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Lacul Rosu
Lacul Rosu
Lacul Rosu

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