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Rejuvenate your body with these miracles waters

Slănic-Moldova is a resort with a temperate temperature, with very high cleanliness, famous for selling healing mineral springs, then it can be displayed by confirming its prince after a number of international media.
This resort is baptized: “Perla Moldovei”, skeletons are arranged so that the natural mofetil gas can be used for therapeutic purposes at springs 3 and 11, probably related to the volcanic phenomena in the Harghita Mountains.

The medical indications for Slanic Moldova were determined as a result of scientific research to establish the constituent parameters of the water, then the internal healing and the external healing can be done divided by the sources.
The treatment resources you find here are: Bicarbonate, carbonated, sodium, hypertonic, hypotonic mineral waters.
The Microclimate of saline, mottle gas, bioclimate of rest, relaxation.
The procedures you find here are: Internal cleaning is done with mineral water; aerosols, heated mineral water baths, inhalations with mineral water and appropriately prescribed medicines, kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, mesotherapy, electrotherapy, medical-gymnastics, mofetotherapy.
What to visit in Slănic de Moldova?
Slănic River and Mineral Springs in Slănic Moldova: more than 20 wellsprings with beneficial water.
The park in Slănic Moldova, located in the center of the resort, covers an area of ​​14 hectares and includes a beautiful waterfall, based on water recirculation. In the park, on the Alley of the Personalities, there is a statuary ensemble, where we find the figures of artists such as Vasile Alecsandri, Mihai Eminescu or George Enescu.
The Slănic Moldova casino, built-in 1894, architect George Sterian, is a heritage monument, with the historical and architectural value.
Slănicului gorge, which stretches for a length of about 400 m, parallel to the asphalt road, at a level of 400 m, at a lower level.
Where to live when you arrive in Slănic Moldova?
Located in the heart of the Slănic Moldova resort, right at the foot of the Mountains of the same name, the Nemira Hotel welcomes its guests with a comforting atmosphere, appreciated by both those who are keen to relax as well as businessmen.
Hotel Wellness&SPA services are :
heated pool
indoor pool (open all year)
indoor pool
For more details on SPA prices and services you can find here.
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Izvoarele Minerale
Slănic Moldova

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