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Recharge yourself and your family with an awesome online trip!

I kindly invite you to an online trip with pleasant surprises and I tell you about the mineral waters from Olanești are first mentioned in a deed from 1760 and are called healing waters, these being on the estate of the clucer Toma Olanescu who builds the first rooms yes.

Regarding the name of Olanești locality, opinions are divided. Some sources claim that the name of the resort comes from the knights of the Austrian army. These were called “olane”, respectively “ulani”.

Others believe that the name is largely due to the local boyars, such as Toma Olanescu. The news of the healing effect was reinforced even by the leader of the Revolution of 1821, Tudor Vladimirescu, who was retiring here, on the estate of the Olanești Together with his group of boyars.

The spa treatment in Olanești includes the main objectives of modern therapy: prophylactic (primary prophylaxis or health care for the healthy, and secondary prophylaxis – prevention of disease relapse), curative and recuperational.

The spa treatment in Olanești is divided into crenotherapy (treatment with mineral waters) and auxiliary treatment (hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, aerotherapy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy).

What to visit at Baile Olanești?

The written stone is a soft rock on which hundreds of people have written their names. If you are in Baile Olanești you can easily reach it in maximum half an hour. If you start from the center, cross the river, go ahead through the right side of the cemetery, until you enter the forest. From here follow the red stripe markings.

Olanești Gorges

These gorges, located in the northeastern extremity of the Buila-Vanturarita Massif, although shorter, are no less spectacular, especially in the downstream portion, where the walls are very high and the valley falls into waterfalls.

Written Stone

Hike of about 1.5 km to a rock above the resort which has always been engraved with different names of tourists and locals.

Arnauti Cave

Arnăuţilor Cave, a natural monument, is a protected natural area, a speleological nature reserve, located in Vâlcea County, on the administrative territory of Băile Olănești.

Patrunsa Hermitage

This hermitage was built in 1740 by Bishop Climent of Ramnicu in memory of the fact that here was born by his mother Paraschiva Modoran from Pietrarii de Jos, fleeing over the mountain for fear of a Turkish invasion, taking refuge at the foot of Mount Buila, instead called today Patrunsa.

The hermitage was destroyed following the fall of a rock, being rebuilt in the second half of the eighteenth century by the postman Dumitru, the archpriest Pietraru and the postman Ion Barbatescu, probably descendants of Bishop Climent.

Where to live when you get to Băile Olănești?

I recommend living at Hotel Olănești **** which has a SPA center in a very picturesque geographical area, at the contact of the southern slopes of the Căpățânii Mountains, a well forested place, full of oxygen. The center offers you ideal conditions for an unforgettable stay.

The SPA services that you can enjoy and make the most of are:

Heated water pool – The pool is the ideal place to train painful muscles and joints, the water taking over 90% of your body weight. Swimming has the advantage of increasing muscle tone and flexibility, improves cholesterol, reduces asthma symptoms.

Saltwater pool – Salt water belts are indicated in diseases of the musculoskeletal system of rheumatic nature, traumatic and orthopedic, diseases of the nervous system, genitourinary disorders.

Wet sauna – It involves creating an atmosphere of water vapor with high efficiency in moisturizing the skin, detoxifying and treating several respiratory problems. The simultaneous action of heat and humidity relaxes the muscles and generates a state of well-being throughout the body.

Dry Sauna – In addition to the calming effect, it also has a therapeutic effect, helps eliminate toxins, burn calories, promotes blood circulation, helps the skin to gain elasticity and eliminate acne. Prevents colds, flu, tonsillitis, is recommended in the therapy of respiratory tract infections and chronic bronchitis.

For details on prices and services, you can find out here.

If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Băile Olănești. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.


Băile Olănești
Izvoarele Băile Olănești
Băile Olănești
Băile Olănești
Izvoarele de Aur Băile Olănești
Izvoarele de Aur Băile Olănești
Lacul cu Nuferi Băile Olănești

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    1. It one of my favorite! I visited it few years ago. I hope that this wonderful city will be safed of environment and the autorities will do something there, we need to save it. I will write about it, in the future.

      1. Hope is lost. Acestea sunt cele trei cuvinte care au țâșnit mai repede decat apa minerala plata de la izvorul public din spatele fostului Casino. In urma cu niste ani au fost niste tentative de restaurare a statiunii. Apoi au urmat probabil niste contestatii, lucrari abandonate, descoperirea unui zid de pe vremea romanilor chiar sub drumul principal din statiune. Dezvaluit, vazut, acoperit la loc. S-a mai renovat pe ici, pe colo cate ceva. Cele doua mari hoteluri, care strajuiesc fostul Casino din parcul central, sunt acum de vanzare… Acum am vazut ca se paveaza strada principala din zona statuii lui Hercules, dar oare sub sosea s-au rezolvat problemele celorlalte utilitati, sau va fi ulterior scos pavajul pentru lucrari de reparatii? Din pacate Herculanele ramane o ruina arhitectonica. Sunt trei decenii de degradare continua in voia elementelor naturii, asa ca orice bune intentii vor sfarsi printr-un mare abandon. Se pare ca singurele neabandonate raman izvoarele termale si sulfuroase din zona.

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