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Receive a gift delight from this SPA resort and be inspired for the next travel!

You are invited to an online trip to the Balvanyos Baths care is located in the Bodoc Mountains an altitude of over 840 m. Here the air is ozonated, quiet, and enchanting landscape. The resort is possible to treat very well with springs of good drinking mineral water and natural healing factors. It is located near the town of Sfântu Gheorghe Covasna county.
Today’s Balvanyos Baths were formed by three old bath colonies. One of them is located in the Balvanyos Pass near the Pucioasa Cave in Turia.

The number one is isolated for whose waters and therapeutic qualities through their minerals, but also a post-volcanic knowledge (mofettes), this condition can be conditioned by rest and treatment.
Since 1938, there are boys who are for the spa treatment.
The mineral waters here have long-recognized healing properties.
In the Pucioasa cave in Turia there is a battery considered therapeutic, the sale of the wall is the care of “vitriol” painters for its care and to be charged and for people for their own healing and healing.
In the states there are many springs with ferruginous waters, the care forms rust lakes. It is easy to understand that the air, strongly ozonated, by the way, is also sulfurous. But the landscape makes all the money, offering tourists a real oasis of relaxation. Balvanyos is an area destined mainly for tambourines and walks on forest paths.

What to visit in Baile Balvanyos?
A real oasis of peace, surrounded by the Puturosu-Ciomatu Massif, a dormant volcano. From here, from the bowels of the extinct volcano, gases come to the surface: sulfur, carbon dioxide, scientifically called mofettes. The mineral waters that make their way through the resort are sought after by more and more tourists for their healing properties.
Around the mofettes, through the forest were arranged wooden pools with cold, sulfurous water. The natural setting is impressive, you will find here a real area for relaxation, walks on forest paths and a natural spa.
Stinky Cave skunk

At a height of 1,052 meters, in the dense forest, tourists have access to the Stinky Cave. Of course, the name of the cave is related to the stinking smell of sulfur it emits. According to specialists, it is the largest natural skunk in Europe that emits about 3,000 cubic meters of hydrogen sulfide. At the entrance, there are two benches where you can rest after the climb.
Cave with Alaun
Did you know we have a cave with alum? The walls of the cave deposited, in time, sulfur, potassium hydrate and aluminum that gathered in the form of white-yellow crystals. Alum stone is highly valued for its antibacterial properties and used successfully as a deodorant.
Ucigasa Cave

You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the Killer Cave! The gallery that stretches for 11 meters does not announce through sulfur deposits what the level of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is. Like the Stinky Cave, there used to be a mine here where sulfur was mined.
Tinovul (Ra) owl
The younger brother of Tinovul Mohos, the killer swamp, Tinovul (Ra) owl is water mixed with peat from where gas leaks can be heard. This scary scene takes place on about 1 hectare.

Where to live when you arrive in Baile Balvanyos?
Grand Hotel Balvanyos in a privileged natural setting, surrounded by the unique view of the Bodoc Mountains, can be your host in any season. In spring you can declare your feelings of love in the mirage of the sun’s rays that open the buds of the trees, in summer you can spend holidays with the family making trips to St. Anne’s Lake and its surroundings, and in autumn you can admire the copper cloak of the forest under a gentle sun. in winter you can enjoy a festive atmosphere with the aroma of mulled wine, the pleasant sound of the fire in the fireplace, and a fairytale landscape.
The SPA services that are waiting for you to enjoy them are the following:

OXYGEN DISEASE Breathing skin / Intense hydration.

SEVE DE VIE – Ritual anti-aging / Ten luminous.

RITUAL LIFTALPES Vitality at high levels / Anti-aging / Lifting effect.

PURE & FRESH Body exfoliation / Purified, remineralized, breathable skin.

BLUE “CEL” ”Detoxification / Remineralization / Remedy for: poor peripheral circulation / Water retention, cellulite.

SNOW WHITE Nutritious / Strong moisturizer.

MUNTELE KING Supplement of energy and balance.

SHIATSU For a perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.
For details on prices and services, you can find out here.

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If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Băile Balvanyos. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.


Baile Balvanyos
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Baile Balvanyos
Baile Balvanyos
Baile Balvanyos
Baile Balvanyos
Baile Balvanyos
Baile Balvanyos

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