Kindly, I present to you Băile Felix which is known for the great advantages it brings to the health of any person and for the long-term effects it offers. Băile Felix resort is located in Bihor county, about 9 km from the city of Oradea, this resort is very easy to access, and the location where it is located in an oasis of relaxation, surrounded by green spaces and numerous tourist attractions.


Drink the water of Borsec and see the wonders of the city!

The resort that borrows the name of a well-known mineral water brand is open throughout the year and is distinguished by the quality of the mineral water in the area, documented since 1954 by an Italian doctor. In its glory, the Borsec resort was considered the queen of the spa resorts in the country, the most luxurious resort in Romania, frequented by tourists from all over the continent.

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Relax and pamper you at Tușnad!

I present  to you Tușnad Baths are located in the southern part of the Ciuc depression, at an altitude of 650 m, between Harghita Mountains and Bodoc, in a splendid Olt gorge. The position in the territory gives it a very picturesque frame, with a strong ozonated air, rich in resinous aerosols and negative ions, which make the resort a tonic mountain bioclimate, favorable for psychological reconciliation.

About the mineral waters in the Tușnad area, there is evidence from the 18th century, mentioning the existence of mineral springs with curative effects used by the local villagers nearby.

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Travel to these destinations and pamper you at SPA!

I present the Saint Ana lake, which is a volcanic lake, being the only such lake on the entire territory of Romania.
The lake is set on the bottom of the crater of a quenched volcano called Ciomatu, from the Puciosu volcanic massif, the site of the latest volcanic eruption in the Carpathians and Eastern Europe, which took place several tens of thousands of years ago.
Lake St. Ana is a complex natural, geological, floristry and fauna reservation, being linked to the Tușnad Baths by tourist trails.
Near the lake there is a Roman Catholic chapel dedicated to St. Ana.
Tourists coming to St. Ana’s Lake do not need meteorologists’ forecasts to find out what the weather will be like, with an empirical but accurate method offered by the volcanic mountain: the two cracks formed in the mountains that predate the weather.
The locals know that “If the emanations from the cracks hit the nose, then it is a sign of the storm, and if not, the day will be sunny, just right for hiking.”

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Keep it relax and go to spa at Târgu Mureș!

Mureş is one of the most important waters on the territory of the territory of the Romanian people. Along it many large cities have grown and prosper each day. All species, from plants, to animals and to humans, enjoy the benefits of water. The most lush and rich areas are still found today on the banks of the great waters. People enjoy the most benefits of flowing water.
What to visit when you arrive in Mures Fair?

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Become your best version of you at this spa destination!

The only lake of origin in the Sovata resort is the Black Lake Sovata, located in the southern part of the Salt Mountain, one of the tourist attractions of the Mures resort. Black Lake Sovata was formed in a salt mine abandoned, dating from the Roman occupation. The lake is located inside Sovata resort, on Bradului Street, located on the hill that dominates the main artery of the village, after the top camping and after the so-called gas house.

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Take care of you at Sovata and enjoy the SPA!

Shortly after the formation of Lake Bear, the most important lake of the five salt water lakes existing in the current Sovata resort – Aluniș, Red and Green, Black Lake and Lake Blackbird – people realized that the lake is special to the other, not so much in size, but especially in the water temperature.

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Travel at Sângeorgiu de Mureș and enjoy your spa day!

You Spa Destination presents to you the village Sângeorgiu de Mureș who has been for over 700 years known by mineral sludge and the best water salty in Europe that contains special curative properties for your health.
Located 3 km away from Mures, Băile Sărate de la Sângeorgiu de Mureș, has a sedative climate regardless of the region where the patients / tourists come from.

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