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Kindly, I present to you Băile Felix which is known for the great advantages it brings to the health of any person and for the long-term effects it offers. Băile Felix resort is located in Bihor county, about 9 km from the city of Oradea, this resort is very easy to access, and the location where it is located in an oasis of relaxation, surrounded by green spaces and numerous tourist attractions.

The reason why this resort is constantly visited by people both on the Romanian territory and abroad is the existence of thermal waters that have very valuable properties in terms of human body disorders, which are very common among ordinary people. The most common conditions for which tourists choose to visit this resort are inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic disorders, gynecological, neurological or various diseases related to metabolism.

What to visit in Băile Felix?

 Băile Felix offers several important objectives, such as the thermal water beaches, the covered Aqua Park, the lakes with water lilies, lotuses, turtles and fish, the beach with waves that can be found in the very nearby resort called 1 Mai or the Avenida de Betfia. Regarding the history and culture of the places, there are monuments and churches of major importance, which over time has made its mark. Some of them are the Chapel of Haieu, which dates from the fourteenth century, the Sanifarm building, the Orthodox churches, the Greek Catholic Church in Felix and the wooden church in Brusturi. Băile Felix resort offers not only thermal baths of immeasurable but also, but also thermal springs and mud baths, which are highly appreciated for their healing properties due to their oligometallic, calcium, sodium or bicarbonate qualities.

Where to live when you arrive in Băile Felix?

Lotus Therm Spa & Luxury Resort is an elegant property located in Băile Felix, right next to the forest. It offers free access to a water park with indoor and outdoor thermal pools, a spa and treatment center and free Wi-Fi in all areas.

At this beautiful hotel you can enjoy the following tourist services and wellness and SPA activities:

Relaxation massage at 4 hands

 Thermal capillary ritual

 Massage therapy for children and adolescents

DeLuxe SeaCreation anti-wrinkle BABOR treatment

 Gold mask Dr. Kadir anti-aging

 ACADEMIE eye decongestant treatment

 B-SECRETS detoxification and hydration ritual

 B-SECRETS anti-cellulite ritual

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If these information was valuable and useful for you, let me know in the comments section bellow if you was there or if you will go there and I appreciate from you to know your travel experience to Băile Felix. Also, is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.

Take care of you!

Baile Felix
Lac cu nuferi
Lotus Therm

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