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Love your health of body, mind and soul too much and go to this spa place!

I invite you to visit the Amara Resort which has been documented since the time of Matei Basarab and started operating in 1892. Four years later, Amara became a common but seasonal destination for those who wanted to make mud treatments. sapropels deposited on the bottom of Amara Lake, which contain 40% organic substances and 41% mineral substances.

The sludge extracted from the lake is sulfurized, chloride-sodium and magnesium are indicated (as well as mineral waters, which are sulfurous, bicarbonate, sodium and hypotonic) for various ailments. The lake water has a high content of sulfate, sodium chloride and magnesium.
The most indicated are degenerative, inflammatory rheumatic diseases (besides the inflammatory outbreak) and post-traumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Secondly, the treatments made at Amara are indicated for gynecological diseases and associated diseases (endocrine, urological, dermatological, occupational diseases). As procedures, you can cope with hot mud baths and wraps, cold mud poultices, mineral water cures, hydrotherapy, aeroheliotherapy, and electrotherapy.
The main natural therapeutic factor is Lake Amara. The lake water has a high content of sulfate, sodium chloride and magnesium. Its total degree of mineralization is 9.88 g / l. The mud of the lake is sapropelic, it contains about 40% organic substances and 41% mineral substances.
Lake Amara is 4 km long, has saltwater fed by healing groundwater by its chemical composition.
What to visit in the Amara resort?
I highly recommend you to visit the tourist objectives in or near the Amara resort:
• vestiges of some ancient settlements: Tomis, Calatis and Histria;
• The monument at Adamclisi;
• the cellars of the Murfatlar wine-growing resort;
• the tourist area of ​​the Danube Delta (boat rides on the arms of the Danube, fishing and hunting);
• the tourist area of ​​the Brăila Lake (boat trips on the Danube and the canals of the Big Island of Brăila, sport fishing).
• In the city of Slobozia you can visit the National Museum of Agriculture and in the museum park, the wooden church “Poiana” which is documented since 1737 and was moved here in September 2000. The wooden church “Poiana” was built on December 17, 2000, and is valued by the fact that it is in itself an original and authentic document of history and architecture, inscribed on the List of Historical Monuments. At Poiana de Jos, where the Wooden Church was brought from, a document was found that a school with two priests and a teacher functioned in 1775.
The Ialomita Hotel Complex, through its treatment base, has complete electro-hydrotherapy installations and ensures the performance in optimal conditions of numerous spa treatments: baths with mud baths, baths with mineral waters in the pool, galvanic baths, mud packs, underwater shower fully and partially, via dynamic currents, ultrasound, short waves, Tens currents, interference currents, solum, laser therapy, therapeutic massage, medical-gymnastics, aerosols.
The Medical Aesthetics Offices of the Ialomita Complex use the NO-NEEDLE ESOTHERAPY alternative, for the treatment of anti-cellulite (Anti-Cellulite Care), anti-wrinkle (Anti-Wrinkle Care), fat-removal (Fat-Dissolve Care), sauna, jacuzzi, lymphatic drainage massage.
For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Amara. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.

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