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Keep it relax and go to spa at Târgu Mureș!

Mureş is one of the most important waters on the territory of the territory of the Romanian people. Along it many large cities have grown and prosper each day. All species, from plants, to animals and to humans, enjoy the benefits of water. The most lush and rich areas are still found today on the banks of the great waters. People enjoy the most benefits of flowing water.
What to visit when you arrive in Mures Fair?

The city of Târgu Mureș holds one of the most interesting medieval citadels in Transylvania. The thick walls stretch over an area of ​​over 4 hectares, regrouping no less than 7 bastions raised by the work of guild guilds. Inside, tourists have the chance to see the Reformed-Calvina Church and the Manutante’s Building. The walls made of brick and brick have listened to many stories over the years. If you arrive in Mureș on “Târgu Mures Days”, “Beer Festival” or “Wine and Wine Festival” you will discover in the city a holiday atmosphere.
Cornești Plateau is perfect for enjoying the entire panorama of the entire city of Mureș. Sitting at the highest elevation of the city, the Plateau opens a wide view of the city and valley of Mureș. The main attraction here is the Zoo.

The small village of Saschiz, located at the foothills of Mureș County, abounds in the history, culture and tradition of Mures; the medieval air still feeling in Saschiz. From the very beginning, however, the village has developed rather quickly, say historians, Saschiz being known as a city with many guilds – boots, potters, painters, carpenters – famous for its ceramics, usually enameled in green. You should not miss the famous Saschiz jam, made from ingredients less common to the famous novel: rhubarb or milk, from which you get the famous “dulce de leche”. For hundreds of years, “săsoaicele” the women do not only the sweetness of rhubarb, but also the compote or even the soup. Extremely good and fragrant are raspberries, strawberries and strawberry – the English, Germans, Italians and Americans are mad after them.

Declared protected area Natural Park Mureș Superior is recommended to explore it at the foot. Through this place the mountains leave the place of the gorge, and then meet the waters that cross this incredible natural place. The Deda – Toplița Gorge was included in this park, too, is worth photographed. Two religious attractions you will encounter on the road through the gorge: the church of the Rastolita village (18th century) and the Galaoaia trot, similar to the Sapanta Cemetery.

I recommend you to visit the Palace of Culture, the Franciscan Tower, the Rakoczi Scale, the “Status Quo Ante”, Synagogue, Tower with Clock, these being tourist attractions that should not be missed when you reach the Mureș Fair.
Where do I recommend to stay?
In the Mureș Fair opened in the premises of the BUSINESS complex, located at the exit of the city, an oasis of relaxation, rest, and also a place for spending free time together with family or friends. Business Hotel is the best choice for your vacation, having its connection with Aqua Day Spa. More details about Business Hotel can be found here.

Aqua Day Spa is divided into 3 spoils, including Spa Center, Massage Center, Fitness Center. It will provide the following services to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and with positive energy for the whole family and friends: swimming pool, beach, jacuzzi, body care, tepidarium, sauna aroma, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, bathroom steam, massage, chrome / melotherapy, ice fountain. The offers and other details of these spoofing services can be found here.

If these informations was valuable and useful for you, let me know in the comments section bellow if you was there or if you will go there and I really apreciate from you to know your travel experience to Targu Mureș. Also, is always friendly and nice to share the news or informations you discovered everyday.

Take care of you!

Medieval fortress of Targu Mureș
Saschiz village
Natural Park Mureș Superior

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  1. I love this article and the pictures. I’m not kidding when I say I am really drawn to this beauty. You guys have a REALLY great history and culture. Thanks for sharing this. I really loved it!!!

    Is it True that the Romanian Language is the only Romance language closest to Latin? The only others I know of are Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. Romanian doesn’t sound like these, yet I was told it is closest to Latin spoken in past centuries. I know your country has a long long heritage!

    Again, thanks so much for this beautiful reminder you guys are just a plane ride away!!


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