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Here at Pucioasa, balneo and spa are the perfect choice for your relaxation day!

I warmly invite you to discover the miraculous powers of the water in the Pucioasa resort, which stands out for the richness that its hills shelter; respectively sources of curative water of sulfur and iodine, a wealth that determined its inclusion among the spas.

At the same time, the location between the slightly undulating sub-Carpathian hills and the mild climate were essential factors that contributed to the inclusion of Pucioasa among the spas.
Pucioasa Resort became known on the map of the country by the healing properties of sulfurous mineral waters, entered the European circuit thanks to academician Bernarth Lendway Alfred who popularized them at the Vienna Exhibition in 1973. Pucioasa Resort ranked first with the highest percentage of minerals per liter, the sulfuric elements contained in these springs causing the waters to be curatively superior to the most famous in European resorts.
The cold sulfurous waters from Pucioasa are captured and conserved to keep their curative properties unaltered:
• treatment of degenerative, inflammatory, post-traumatic and post-operative rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
• treatment of respiratory diseases;
• treatment of peripheral neurological disorders and central nervous system;
• treatment of gynecological diseases;
• treatment of ENT diseases.
Types of procedures that you can do on the recommendation of a specialist are: hot baths with mineral waters in bathtubs and pools, herbal baths, paraffin wraps, thermotherapy, physiotherapy, inhalations, aerosols, electrotherapy.
What to visit in Baile 1 Mai?
I highly recommend you to visit the following tourist attractions when you arrive at Pucioasa resort:
Independence Park
If you go out on one of the four gates of the park, in Fântânelor Street, which offers you the opening of Ialomiţa Valley to Mount Leaota. If we cross the bridge, we find a trout farm here. In front, Dealul Spătărelul – Mitropolie, at its foot there was “Sursa”, arranged in the place where the sulfur and iodine springs gush.
The park in our city is an ecological system through which the population of the settlement breathes, recreates and pleasantly consumes their free time.
Museum of Ethnography
Lovers of the treasures of the old Romanian village can stop, opposite the “Portuguese House”, at the Ethnography Museum of the city, housed in a two-century-old house, also of the “Dobrescu House”.
Holy Fortress New Jerusalem – settlement with an original architecture, built by artists Zidaru. The garden of this church is an imposing space, through the wooden gates that cover almost entirely what is beyond them.
Pucioasa accumulation lake – located on the Ialomita river, with an area of ​​91 ha, located at an altitude of 418 m.
Brancovenesc Palace from Potlogi – Brancovenesc style palace, built by Constantin Brancoveanu in 1698, on the site of a boyar courtyard, the facade facing a pond, today dried, has a double loggia. On the opposite facade, towards the courtyard, the composition is dominated by the turret with an external staircase, similar to the one from Mogosoaia. The decoration of the palace included floral motifs of Persian inspiration, which resemble some present at Mogosoaia in the pavilion, at the Coltei church outside, in the version from Potlogi, they are made of stucco.
Where to live when you arrive in Pucioasa resort?
I recommend you to live in Pucioasa at the Hotel “CERES” which is the ideal combination of comfort and class, flexibility and style combined in a unique setting. Always neat, chic and with a sense of housekeeping, it creates a pleasant atmosphere for those separated from the family to feel at home.
Enjoy the following spa and spa services:
Warm baths with sulfurous water
It is the basic procedure in all treatment regimens. The rich hydrogen sulfide content is the only sulfur compound that is absorbed into the body through the skin.
Jacuzzi bubble baths – lower limbs
It is a treatment that gently relaxes and energizes the body, through the jets and heat of the water. Also, the effect of water jets treats and alleviates joint pain and blood circulation problems.
Galvanic baths
It is a hydrotherapy procedure that combines the effect of galvanic current with the thermal effect of water, being a major indication in the treatment of degenerative rheumatic diseases, neuralgia and neuritis, post-traumatic sequelae, paresis and paresthesias, peripheral circulatory disorders.
Inhalations and aerosols with sulfurous water
It is performed with ultrasonic Omron nebulizers, which turn the liquid into very fine particles, easy to inhale. At the doctor’s prescription, aerosols with medicinal substances or sulfurous water are performed.
It is performed by nurses with appropriate specialization, in individual cabins, thus respecting the patient’s privacy.
Equipped with jacuzzi, solarium, sauna, lymphatic massage equipment and modern technique for mesotherapy, our SPA is everything you need for a day of relaxation and total pampering.
For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Pucioasa resort. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.

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