Experience these miracle waters of Ocna Sibiului!

With pleasure, I invite you to visit the spa resort Ocna Sibiului, which is the number one attraction of the resort is represented by the 52 lakes with special healing qualities. Water and mud are used in rheumatic, neuromotor and gynecological treatments.

Cabins are built around the lakes, trees are planted, pavilions for hot and cold baths are erected. The resort was officially inaugurated on June 20, 1858.
Between 1906 and 1909, the central pavilion and the building of the existing baths were erected today. They include rooms for hot baths, for packing with mud, aerosols, pools.

The bottomless lake is formed on the site of the former Francisc Grube salt mine, abandoned in 1775 (1,665 m.p., 34 m deep) – declared a natural monument, with the strongest helio-thermal phenomenon.
Ocniţa Lake has a maximum depth of 83m, with a salinity of 260 g / l, is preferred for its generous surface of 7494.8sqm.

Lake Avram Iancu (Ocna Pustie) has a maximum depth of 130m, with a salinity of 180-200 g / 1. It was formed on the site of the Fodina Maior salt mine, abandoned in 1817 – 160m deep, the deepest anthro-posaline lake in Romania.

Randunica Lake (St. John) has a depth of 46.54 m, and the mineralization of surface water is 8-9 g / l.
Brancoveanu Lake has an area of ​​567.5sqm, and the maximum depth of 13.6 m. The surface water salinity is 310 g / l-400g / l, being the saltiest lake in Ocna Sibiului and among the saltiest in the country. It is formed on the site of an abandoned salt mine in 1699.

Lake Auster has an area of ​​254 square meters and a maximum depth of 2.50 m. An artificial island has formed within it. It is believed to be connected to Lake Brancoveanu, from which it feeds on water. Gura Minei Lake, with an area of ​​969.33sqm has a maximum depth of 27m.

Lake Balta with Mud was formed in an excavation in the salt cover and has a thick layer of mud known for therapeutic indications.
Green Lake (Poporului) has an area of ​​3,000sqm, and a maximum depth of 3.25m. The salinity is 8-9 g / l.
Black Lake has a salinity of 353, 24 g / l.

What to visit in Ocna Sibiu?
The Sibiu Zoo was inaugurated in 1929 and is the first zoo in Romania. It was founded by engineer Szekely within the Electricity Company. This idea was put into practice after the engineer found some foxes while working on repairing the Sadu dam. After its establishment, the Garden was donated to several animals and birds: a wild cat, a wolf from the King, a wolf from the Falcon Association, an eagle, a Carpathian deer donated by Talmacel hunters, wild boars, and many others.

The Brukenthal Palace in Sibiu was built between 1778–1788 by Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, the governor of the Grand Principality of Transylvania. The palace was erected in stages, the purpose was to serve as the official residence of Baron von Brukenthal, but also the headquarters of his collections.

The church in Biertan, which has very well preserved its original appearance, stands on a hill in the middle of the commune, in the center of the transversal valleys with edges covered with vines, corn, and forests. The church and defense complex was built during the XV-XVI centuries in the style of the late Gothic, with elements characteristic of the Renaissance. For almost 300 years, Biertan was the seat of the Evangelical Episcopate (1572-1867).

Where to live when you arrive in Ocna Sibiului?
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