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Enjoy all the amazing places from this city, safely!

With pleasure, I invite you to come and see Mangalia, a city in continuous development, which in recent decades has successfully acquired the attribute of a spa resort. The sulfurous mesothermal springs from Mangalia are capitalized in the treatment bases with recognized results in the amelioration of the diseases of the skeletal system and the recovery treatments.

Being first of all a municipality and then a resort, Mangalia offers tourists various leisure opportunities: beach, visits to museums, monuments and fortresses that present the history of places, water entertainment, shows, festivals and cultural events.
Mangalia has become a spa resort. After 1990, the authorities started large projects for the development of cultural tourism, and in this sense, several events are organized every year – Callatis Festival, Young Actor Gala, Literature Days and Nights Festival, etc.

The resort has two modern treatment bases within the Mangalia Hotel and within the Mangalia Sanatorium, destined for recovery. The treatment base within the Mangalia Hotel is equipped with its treatment facilities: four pools for physiotherapy with sulfurous water, a section for electrotherapy, two sections for hydrotherapy, a section for pneumotherapy, medical gyms and massage parlors, geriatric offices, laboratories for analysis and investigation, acupuncture cabinets, heated seawater pools, etc.
What to visit in Mangalia?

You can enjoy the wonderful sights of Mangalia with family, friends safely.
-The Marina Mangalia tourist port, inaugurated on July 8, 2011, is the most modern tourist port in Romania, built to European standards.
-The “Callatis” Archaeological Museum, which is located just before the center of Mangalia, coming from Constanta. Here you can visit the permanent exhibition of the museum, which consists of objects from the Greek, Roman, Roman-Byzantine era, but also products of the Geto-Dacian civilization from the neighboring town of Mangalia, Albeşti.

-The “Esmahan Sultan” mosque was built in 1525 by the daughter of Sultan Selim II (1566-1575) and is the oldest place of worship of Muslim rites in Romania. The mosque is surrounded by a Muslim cemetery, equally valuable for its antiquity, both culturally and spiritually, which contains tombs over 300 years old. The stone taken from the walls of Callatis fortress was used in the construction of the mosque.

-The Mangalia stud farm, where the special climatic conditions allowed the formation of an Arabian horse from Mangalia with special qualities. The stud farm is an excellent center for leisure and tourist attraction. The complex has a well-arranged trot and gallop racecourse, and horseback riding is practiced inside the unit.

Where to live when you arrive in Mangalia?
I highly recommend Hotel Paradiso is located on the seafront of Mangalia and you can enjoy its amazing spa services:
Geriatrics Office – Ana Aslan

  • Reflexology and massage
  • Sulfur water basin
  • Restaurant
    For details on prices and services, you can find out here.
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