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Drink the water of Borsec and see the wonders of the city!

The resort that borrows the name of a well-known mineral water brand is open throughout the year and is distinguished by the quality of the mineral water in the area, documented since 1954 by an Italian doctor. In its glory, the Borsec resort was considered the queen of the spa resorts in the country, the most luxurious resort in Romania, frequented by tourists from all over the continent.

The resort has immense tourism potential and efforts are being made to revive its glory era.

At Borsec we treat especially cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, varicose veins, hypertension or mitral insufficiency, but also endocrine diseases, digestive diseases, kidney disorders, diseases of the urinary tract, dermatological diseases, metabolic and nutritional diseases.

The waters here are awarded in numerous rows to prestigious exhibitions throughout Europe, and the area can be followed by numerous mountain routes and there are numerous other leisure options.

What to visit in Borsec?

The Fairy Fairy offers a fairytale setting: you do not expect to see fairy wings beating through the meadows, but pools with beautifully arranged water for foot baths. Of course, it is worth immersing yourself in “Baia Zanelor” (the largest pool), after you have followed the directions you will discover on the spot.

The Bear Cave. If you follow the route marked by a red triangle from Poiana Zanelor, you will reach the Bear Cave, which is nothing more than a small travertine canyon – one of the only natural caves in travertine in the country. The road to the entrance to the cave is very beautiful and gives you a feeling of adventure.

For a hike to the Ice Cave, do not forget to take a flashlight and slightly thicker clothes, even if they are 30 degrees outside. Located in the Piatra Mare massif, the Ice Cave hides – as the name also suggests – an ice-cold land, formed by a narrow rocky corridor in which the sun never reaches. The flashlight’s eye will help you to enjoy the enchanting view of the time-sculpted ice columns.

Where to live when you arrive in Borsec?

I recommend Villa Riki which is a mountain style villa in Borsec resort, famous for its healing mineral waters.

At this beautiful villa you can enjoy the following tourist services and wellness and SPA activities:

• Free wireless Internet

• BBQ facilities

• Sun terrace

• Luggage storage

• Covered terrace and summer terrace

• Swimming pool (O’Saros Bay, approx. 700 meters)

• Sauna

• Massage

I invite you to discover some ideas of super cool gadgets to take with you on your journeys, and you can find them here.

If these information was valuable and useful for you, let me know in the comments section bellow if you was there or if you will go there and I appreciate from you to know your travel experience to Borsec. Also, is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.


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  1. Your mineral water must be really therapeutic. I can see how one can recharge their own health and partake the water and its wonderful scenery. Hopefully,it does not get subjected with environmental damage.

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