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Come to Covasna for your body rejuvenation and discover the city!

I kindly invite you to find out about Covasna which is a spa resort of national interest. The town was documented for the first time in 1548, became a city in 1952 and since 1968 the county bears the name of the resort. The resort is located at the end of the Eastern Carpathians, in the southeastern part of Covasna county.

Due to the variety of natural resources, Covasna is one of the most sought after spa resorts in Romania. The presence of mineral waters, skunks (mainly carbon dioxide emissions) of the air rich in negative ions has made possible the development of spa tourism and the elaboration of Covasna Method – a treatment procedure used for more than five decades, which can only benefit in Covasna resort.

In 1882, the mineral water from the Horgász spring was awarded in Trieste (Italy)

The symbol of the city is Balta Dracului (Hell Mud), a gas eruption that keeps a swirl of mud and mineral waters moving. This mud volcano looks like a fountain in the bell tower.

What to visit in Covasna?

Balta Dracului volcano

It is another nature monument located right in the center of Covasna. The volcano is inactive, has not erupted since 1984, is in fact a remnant of a volcanic eruption of mud and gases (carbon and sulfur oxides). The purity of carbon dioxide from the gases emitted by this volcano, in the form of skunks, reaches 98%.

Declared a monument of nature, Balta Dracului was opened to the public in 1881 under the name “Pokolsar Furdointezet”, being used initially for treatment; today it is the symbol of the city, being one of its most important tourist objectives.

Valley of Fairies

As the name suggests, Valea Zanelor is a special area of ​​history. Bordered by forests, the area includes the Inclined Plan (that unique technical element in Europe), Siclaul and the waterfall below Siclau (not very high, but spectacular). Every year, in July, in the Zanelor Valley is organized Nedeia Mocaneasca – a famous local holiday.

Miske Fortress

 In Covasna there are many fortresses and historic mansions that are worth visiting. So is Miske Fortress. It is located in Miske Forest, not too far from Covasna city center, in a story setting. The lack of information related to the year of construction or other “worldly” details contributes fully to the mysterious aura around the fortress. However, there is a local legend, according to which Ileana Cosanzeana lived in this city. In the cellars the wealth would have been hidden, guarded by a rooster who slept every seven years; then some secret gates were opened, and the wealth could be seen by those who were around the fortress.

Where to live when you arrive in Covasna?

The Hotel TTS Spa & Wellness Covasna is located at 564m altitude, in the renowned Valea Zânelor area, a fairground of Covasna resort.

At this wonderful hotel you can enjoy the following tourist services and wellness and SPA activities:

• pool

• Spa /wellness packages

• spa facilities

• body scrub

• body treatment

• facial treatment

• beauty services

• sun loungers or beach beds

• Beach/pool towels

• indoor pool

• massage

• spa and wellness center

• sauna

For more details on SPA prices and services you can find here.
If this information was valuable and useful for you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Covasna. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.

Cascada din Valea Zânelor

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