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Become your best version of you at this spa destination!

The only lake of origin in the Sovata resort is the Black Lake Sovata, located in the southern part of the Salt Mountain, one of the tourist attractions of the Mures resort. Black Lake Sovata was formed in a salt mine abandoned, dating from the Roman occupation. The lake is located inside Sovata resort, on Bradului Street, located on the hill that dominates the main artery of the village, after the top camping and after the so-called gas house.

The Black Lake Sovata also shows the effect of heliotherm, so in summer, the temperature of the water varies depending on the accumulation of solar heat in salt water, the hot water being protected by a layer of fresh water from the rainwater, which does not mix with salt water, but it remains on the surface, acting as a thermal insulator.

Located at the foot of the Gurghiului Mountains, on the valley of the Little Tank, with a spa and therapeutic potential recognized both in the country and abroad, the Sovata resort is one of the main elements that recommends Mureș County as a tourist destination.

What to visit in Sovata?

I recommend you the Adventure Park Plus Sovata Adventure Park is situated near Lake Tineretului (Lake Tivoli).  The park is waiting for you with 2 children’s paths and 2 adult tracks. The second adult route ends with a 400m trolley over the lake.

Praid Saline is recommend it to everyone, and it’s no secret that staying in the saline microclimate is beneficial in certain health problems. For healthy people, the underground environment helps relax, rejuvenate the skin and revitalize. Its program is here.

Maria source is at the entrance to Sovata Resort, opposite the day market. It was built in 1910 to solve the problems of contemporary drinking water. The famous actress Jászai Mari contributed to the gathering of the financial funds needed to build the spring. The construction was carried out by the stone carver Reimann János, based on the engineer Radó Sándor’s project in Târgu Mureş. It is worthwhile to taste the fresh water of this spring and to admire the playful squirrels that cross the park in front of the spring.

Where I recommend staying when you arrive in Sovata?

I kindly recommend to you Fabesca Boutique Hotel Sovata**** and your family and friends. This hotel cultivates a deeply individual journey of philosophy.

More details about the prices are here.

If these informations was valuable and useful for you, let me know in the comments section bellow if you was there or if you will go there and I really apreciate from you to know your travel experience to Sovata – Black Lake. Also, is always friendly and nice to share the news or informations you discovered everyday.

Take care of you!

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