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Băile Govora waits you to visit it in a super virtual experience!

Hello, I invite you for a virtual trip to the Băile Govora resort which over a hundred years ago,  was the cleanest air place in Europe, and people came here to treat their respiratory ailments, skin diseases, and rheumatism. The big voices of Romania came to Băile Govora for treatment. The first detailed descriptions of the springs from Govora date back to the year 1881 when we discovered springs of the scent of oil and oil rising from the edges of valleys, with forests in many colors around.

Băile Govora is certified as a seaside resort of national and European interest. The natural vegetation gives the picturesque and peculiarity of the resort, which makes it sought throughout the year by many tourists in the country and abroad.

The spa park in Govora, the largest spa park in Romania with an area of ​​approx. 20 ha and alleys with a total length of 5-6 km, was designed by the landscape architect Emil Pinard in 1930 and is unique by its specific architecture at the beginning of the 20th century.

What to visit in Baile Govora?

The spa park of the resort is the most spiritualized area of ​​the resort, where most of the architectural and commemorative monuments are located, living in perfect symbiosis with those of nature. The most representative sculptural monuments are of the doctors Nicolae Popescu-Zorileanu and Haralambie Botescu as well as the bust of I. C. Brătianu – former prime minister of Romania.

Also known as “King’s Road”, it is the highest road in Romania, having the highest point in the Urdele Pass (at 2,145 m).

Taking into account the lessons of World War I, King Carol II wanted to have a strategic road available for the mountain artillery, drawn by horses, which could be traveled by troops moving between Wallachia and Transylvania. To establish the route of the road, Prime Minister Gheorghe Tătărăscu left the mountain from Novaci to Lotru, accompanied by 20 riders from Novaci, led by teacher Ion D. Giurgiulan. Following this action, Gheorghe Tătărăscu inaugurated the road construction works on the Novaci plateau …

It is the most important pottery center in Romania with a permanent exhibition (at the House of Culture and in the workshops of the potters). Together with the Monastery, it represents the emblem of the locality.

The craft of processing the clay was transmitted over time through the families of potters who managed to keep it alive in the ancestral hearth, now become Olari Street. On the main street of the village, there are 18 ceramic workshops in which the craftsmen model clay with the same unmatched craftsmanship as their ancestors. Being endowed with  exceptional creative vitality, Horezu is an almost unique case in the Romanian ceramic centers in that the handicraft is practiced as the main source of income of the descendants of the famous families of ceramists Vicşoreanu, Iorga, Frigură, Mischiu, Popa under the conditions of a society. modern, constantly changing.

 Where to live when you get to Baile Govora?

I recommend the Palace Hotel **** which provides the following services: 132 accommodation spaces, a la carte restaurant, day bar, terrace, conference rooms, boutique shop with hand-made handicrafts, a spa center for respiratory or rheumatic diseases and last but not least, a new SPA CENTER for a complete experience. The spa treatment process is very closely supervised by all the medical staff made up of doctors, generalist assistants, balneophysiotherapists, kinetotherapists and masseurs.

For more details on SPA prices and services, you can find here.

If this information was valuable and useful to you, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you will go there and I appreciate it from you to know your travel experience to Băile Govora. Also, it is always friendly and nice to share the news you discovered every day.


Băile Govora
Băile Govora
Baile Govora
Parc balnear Băile Govora
Băile Govora
Băile Govora
Baile Govora

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