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I am Iliescu AnneMarie (Anne) and I am a visionary of beautiful, creative, innovative, bless life. I love to bring ideas to life, every day. 
I am passionate about tourism, spa life, beauty of nature, music, art, marketing (online most), books, personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, sports, entertainment. I want to increase the tourism of Romania, through out the promotion of SPA. Because Romania has the shape of a fish on the map and because it has a wealth of water, spa services are very welcome, then the tourist is looking for tourist spots to visit in my country.

I would like to know from you how often do you go to SPA? What kind of spa do you like and enjoy? Do you enjoy also to travel for spa? I would love to know your opinion and to collaborate with you after you subscribe to it if you have an idea, a project, or etc.


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14 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hello AnneMarie, I am certain that Romania would be worth visiting. I have, however, decided for myself not to go to any country just for a short visit due to all the environmental problems we have. For this reason I would look for a place where I could stay for a longer period, enjoy the spa available and from time to time make an excursion in order to discover your yountry. All the best for your endeavour. Martina

  2. Hello Anne. I was very impressed with your blog. I’m dying of curiosity to know how you found mine, which is much more literary, and I appreciate your likes. Hopefully we can exchange texts about your country (which I greatly admire) and mine. Greetings from Villahermosa.

  3. Anne, merci de suivre mon blog ! Bienvenue à toi !
    Ton blog est très intéressant… J’aime beaucoup la Roumanie.
    En ces temps délicats, prends bien soin de toi. Bisous confinés d’Auvergne (France). ❤

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