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I invite you to come and see the Neptun Resort which is located in Constanța County, on the Black Sea coast at an altitude in a relatively rich area of ​​vegetation (Comorova forest with many southern species), being considered a true seaside garden Romanian.

Natural therapeutic factors are seawater, chlorinated, sulfated, sodium, magnesium, hypertonic, mineral water from springs – sulfurous, poorly chlorinated, hypothermal; sapropelic mud extracted from Lake Techirghiol, the marine bioclimate, rich in saline aerosols and solar radiation, with an exciting demanding effect.

Neptun is a spa resort belonging to the municipality of Mangalia, in Constanța County and is one of the six resorts on the Romanian coast located in the Comorova area within the city of Mangalia.
Olimpul, whose construction was completed in 1972, in the northern district of Neptun resort.

Neptun Resort is located in an area with relatively rich vegetation, near the Comorova forest, on the Black Sea coast, and among the leisure, possibilities are an open-air cinema, summer theater, Neptun Bazaar, the pier, multipurpose sports fields, two Mini golf courses, an amusement park, water sports facilities, and a holiday village.

What to visit in Neptune?
Neptun beach is one of the best-arranged beaches on the Romanian coast, being able to compete even with the beaches of Mamaia. The main beach called La Steaguri continues with the beach from Jupiter in the south and with the beach from Olimp in the north.

The Summer Theater is the center of Neptune’s nightlife. Here, during the summer season, on the stage of the theater, the most famous singers and actors come.
The seafront in Olimp was and remains the favorite place of tourists for the promenade. From here, you can admire the sunrise or sunset.

The amusement park is the ideal place for children on vacation. Numerous colorful cars, carousels, or electronic games attract the little ones, but also the adults. The amusement park is located in the Holiday Village of Neptun resort.
Where to live when you arrive in Neptune?

I highly recommend Neptune Island Hotel is the only one on the south coast located on an island on the lake, close to the sea just 300 m.
Insula Hotel is the ideal place for family relaxation, various parties, business meetings, team buildings, protocol activities and special events, spa.

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